University Clinical Centre Ljubljana, Traumatology Department

Hand and Wrist Trauma, Pelvic Trauma, Spine Trauma
3 months or more
Ljubljana, Eslovénia
  1. Institution: University clinical centre Ljubljana, Traumatology department, Ljubljana, Slovenia


  1. Responsible Professor: Matej Cimerman


  1. Other relevant members: Anže Kristan, Matej Kastelec


  1. Area(s) of expertise: Osteomuscular trauma including reconstructions (spine, pelvis, hand and wrist, children, sports, infection reconstruction, shoulder)


  1. Contact person:


  1. Surgical opportunities: maximum time in the OR


  1. Research opportunities: yes, depends on the ongoing research projects


  1. Length of the program: 3 months or more


  1. Housing: hostels nearby hospital


  1. Grants: accommodation and food costs


  1. Criteria of admission: CV, speaks English


  1. Other relevant information:


Activities of the University Medical Centre Ljubljana include:

*   health care services for inpatients,
*   specialist services and other health care activities for outpatients
*   education, research and experimental development in medicine and natural sciences,
*   pharmacy services and wholesale trade in pharmaceutical products,
*   other activities needed to support the UMCL’s basic functions.


*   features 6 divisions and 8 independent unitsand institutes;
*   and 134 departments and other units;
*   has 2,166 beds;
*   employs top experts and has a total of 7,884 employees;
*   has an average length of hospital stay of 5.6 days;
*   covers all specialties and is the only medical centre in the country performing a number of specialist procedures;
*   serves as thereference centre for Slovenia;
*   is a medical centre comparable to the largest foreign hospitals;
*   pursues the triple mission of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, education and research.

UMCL witnesses constant growth in the number of patients seen in the outpatient clinics and diagnostic units, and admitted for inpatient treatment:

*   approximately 100.000 inpatient treatments;
*   approximately 1.116.000 outpatient visits;
*   nearly one in two Slovenes attend UMCL every year;
*   UMCL performs a two-fold function: as a Ljubljana regional hospital it admits
*   approximately 650,000, and as a tertiary medical centre 2 million patients annually;
*   approximately 18.000 CT scans, 1.700 PET-CT scans and 9.700 MRIs are performed annually;
*   approximately 400.000 diagnostic procedures altogether
*   high quality and safe health care is ensured in all areas, as witnessed by the application of clinical care pathways and acquisition of international accreditations and the business excellence award.