Tartu University Hospital, Estonia

Arthroplasty, Bone and Joint Tumours, Musculoskeletal Disorders
1 week - 3 months
Tartu, Estónia
  1. Institution: Tartu University Hospital


  1. Responsible Professor/Doctor: Prof.Aare Märtson


  1. Other relevant members: Katre Maasalu MD,PhD


  1. Area(s) of expertise: primary and revision arthroplasty (hip, knee, shoulder), complex cases, skeletal tumors, rare musculoskeletal disorders


  1. Contact person: Dr.Anna-Helena Kase annahelena.kase@gmail.com Kaire Kallas secretary Kaire.Kallas@kliinikum.ee


  1. Surgical opportunities: 1000 primary hip and knee arthroplasties, ~60 revisions, ~400 proximal femoral fractures; assisting and observing in OR


  1. Research opportunities: Genomic studies, rare diseases (osteogenesis imperfecta), osteoporosis and osteoarthritis research


  1. Length of the program: 1 week – 3 months


  1. Housing: Assistance in searching


  1. Grants: Currently no funding available


  1. Criteria of admission:

Preferably from IV year orthopaedic resident or young orthopaedic surgeon < 35 years, fluent in english language, EU citizen, recommendation letter from mentor/supervisor


  1. Other relevant information: https://www.kliinikum.ee/en/

Concerning our possibilities and workflow we could offer fellowship/observership to one resident or young orthopaedic surgeon at a time in our orthopaedic department. Our orthopaedic department is concentrated on joint arthroplasties (hips and knees around 1000 primary operations per year plus revision surgeries, appr.40 shoulderprosthesis and less other joints). The length of fellowship may be from 1 week to 3 months. Fellow can observe and assist the operations and if possible then also take part in trauma on-calls.