Orthopaedic Hospital Valdoltra, Ankaran, Slovenia

Arthroplasty, Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine, Prosthesis Infections Treatment, Scoliosis
3 Months
Ankaran, Eslovénia
  1. Institution: Orthopaedic hospital Valdoltra, Ankaran, Slovenia


  1. Responsible Professor: Anže Mihelič


  1. Other relevant members: Simon Kovač, Nikša Hero, Jurij Štalc, Benjamin Marjanović


  1. Area(s) of expertise: Scoliosis surgery, prosthesis infections treatment, sports arthroscopy, hip and knee arthroplasty, shoulder surgery, foot and ankle surgery
  1. Contact person:

Anže Mihelič: anze.mihelic©ob-valdoltra.si

Rihard Trebše : rihard.trebse©ob-valdoltra.si


  1. Surgical opportunities: maximum time in the OR


  1. Research opportunities: yes, depends on the ongoing research projects


  1. Length of the program: 3 months


  1. Housing: nearby hospital rooms for a small fee (not always available)


  1. Grants: accommodation and food costs


  1. Criteria of admission: CV , speaks English



  1. Other relevant information:


Orthopaedic hospital Valdoltra has more than 100 years of tradition. Fellows can expect to spend most of their time in the OR, those staying for 2 months or more can get involved also in ongoing research projects.

SPINE SURGERY: we perform all kind of spine operation with exception of tumor and neck surgeries. We are a centre of excellence for treatment of scoliosis. We do around 200 decompression procedures with stabilisation annually. In pediatrics we do corrective osteotomies, elogations, etc.

BONE INFECTIONS: Within the Valdoltra Orthopaedic Hospital Service for Bone Infection fellows can learn about:
Evaluation and workup of a patient with presumed bone infection.
Diagnostic protocols regulating the field of prosthetic bone infection (PJI) diagnostic algorithms.
Surgical management of basic and complex cases of PJI including debridement & retention, one stage revision and 2 or multiple stage revision of PJI.

JOINT REPLACEMENT: annually we perform almost 1000 total hip and 1000 total knee replacements. Besides that we make more than 200 revision total knee and hip replacements, for aseptic of septic loosening. Fellows can also see shoulder, ankle and elbow replacement.

SPORTS MEDICINE: every day there is one OR theatre dedicated only for sports injuries operations. Fellows can assist in numerous arthroscopic procedures on knee, shoulder, elbow, hip and ankle.

FOOT AND ANKLE: nearly every day foot and ankle procedures are performed of every type up to 500 a year

SHOULDER SURGERY: shoulder arthroscopies and open shoulder procedures of every type are performed on daily basis close to 100 shoulder prostheses are implanted yearly