Hospital Particular do Algarve – Faro, Portugal

Hip & Knee replacement
1 week to 1 month
Faro, Portugal

1. Institution: Hospital Particular do Algarve – Faro

2. Responsible Professor/Doctor: Dr. João Paulo Sousa

3. Other relevant members: Dr. Henrique Cruz; Dr.ª Maria Miguel Carvalho, Dr. João Vide

4. Area(s) of expertise: Hip & Knee replacement

5. Contact person: Clara Alves (

6. Surgical opportunities: PSI Knee replacement + Hip replacements (around 10 procedures per week); possibility to assist surgical procedures; Other procedures can be assisted (Knee arthroscopy, ACL reconstruction, Shoulder and Foot & Ankle surgery).

7. Research opportunities: depending on duration – from case report to ongoing comparative studies.

8. Length of the program: 1 week to 1 month.

9. Housing: assistance in searching;

10.Grants: 250€ per week (reimbursement shall be made against presentation of invoices)

11. Criteria of admission: English, French, Spanish or Portuguese speaking; Full Orthopaedic Surgeon or trainee enrolled in active training program.
Certificate of professional status; ID card.

12. Other relevant information: Participants are welcome at any time of the year. 3 months notice are recommended. Applications will be subjected to internal review by the Institution.