Hospital Ortopédico de Sant’Ana, Parede, Portugal

General Orthopadics & Trauma, Hip & Knee replacement
1 week - 3 months
Hospital de Sant'Ana, Rua Benguela, Parede, Portugal

1. Institution: Hospital Ortopédico de Sant’Ana, Parede, Portugal

2. Responsible Professor/Doctor: Dr. António Martins, MD (Clinical Director)

3. Other relevant members: : Francisco Guerra-Pinto, MD, FEBO (Intership Director)

4. Area(s) of expertise: Trauma, Lower limb arhtroplasty, General orthopaedics

5. Contact person: Francisco Guerra-Pinto (

6. Surgical opportunities: Our Hospital has a strong tradition both in elective and trauma surgery. We have
one or two trauma surgery rooms every morning and, two other elective surgery rooms. A Fellow will be most welcome to visit us and scrub in for surgeries.

7. Research opportunities: We have two PhD students in our Department. The Fellow will be encouraged to publish
a paper in any fellowship beyond 6 weeks.

8. Length of the program: 

9. Housing: There is no housing in our facilities. The location of this Hospital will be very appreciated. It is at a 5-minute walking of Carcavelos Beach, one of the finest in our country, and at a 10-minute walk from the University Centre, where the Fellow will be able to have all the logistic conditions for study, and several restaurants

10.Grants:No grants available.

11. Criteria of admission: Minimum of 3 years of surgical experience in Orthopaedics. Fluent in English please.

12. Other relevant information: